From the
Yucatan Peninsula
to New Mexico,
from India
to Southeast Asia.

Places we have visited so far on the search for the hottest chili in the world. 

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia the last stop on our search starts in Bangkok. Unfortunately it’s the raining season so we spend most of our days and nights exploring the truly amazing Thai street food.
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Welcome to incredible India! Incredible - that’s really what it is. Not any trip was nearly as hard and exciting as this one. To give an overview in just a couple of...
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We had heard of a damn hot chili in a place where you would expect it the least, England. Joy and Michael Michaud, a married gardening couple,  had bred the dorset naga,...
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Italy - Diamante

Flying straight from Las Vegas to the beautiful coast of Calabria was like heaven for our taste buds. The contrast from burgers, fast food and Coca Cola to amazing pizza, pasta and red...
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Flying into fabulous Las Vegas, was the start of a trip everyone was excited about. Following afternoons at the pool and nights at the blackjack table, we made our 20 hours journey to...
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Our first destination on the search for the hottest chili in the World was Mexico to investigate the famous habanero chili. Unfortunately things didn’t run as smooth as we expected. As soon as...
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